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Ithaca College provides secure wireless connection through :

  • IthacaCollege 
  • ICAirnet-Secure (this network is being replaced by the new IthacaCollege network)

    the IthacaCollege network.

    If you need assistance configuring your connection, please contact the DIIS Service Desk in Job Hall 104 or call (607) 274-1000 during regular business hours.


    While other operating systems/devices might be able to successfully connect to IthacaCollege, DIIS cannot provide support for those not listed above. 


    The ICAirnet-Secure network is being replaced by the new IthacaCollege network.  This network is available in all academic and administrative areas and provides a secure, encrypted connection. 

    Windows computers require one or more configuration files be installed the first time the connection is made.

    Setting up ICAirnet-Secure

    • Follow the steps for your operating system to connect to ICAirnet-Secure
    • A valid Netpass username and password will be required to connect

    Mac OS X


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    NOTE - Windows 10 is not compatible with ICAirnet-Secure, please use ICAirnet or ResNet where appropriate.

    Connecting to ICAirnet-Secure on Windows computers requires the installation of the EAP-GTC authentication protocol and a correctly configured wireless profile. To help automate the process please download the configuration files that matches your computer's architecture: (To check your architecture, right click computer, select properties and look for the system type entry.)

    For 32-bit computers please download: ICAirnet-Secure 32 bit configuration

    For 64-bit computers please download: ICAirnet-Secure 64 bit configuration

        • Once your download completes extract the file and double click to open, if prompted allow the file to run.
        • A black window will appear and install the required protocol and profile.
        • Once the installation completes it is recommended that you reboot your computer.
        • Once your computer finishes rebooting select the ICAirnet-Secure wireless network and click connect. You should be prompted to enter your Netpass username and password, leave the domain field blank, and click okay.
        • Your computer should connect to the network and give you full internet access.

    If you change your password, you will need to re-connect to ICAirnet-Secure with your new password. The ITS Service Desk in Job 104 is available to assist with ICAirnet-Secure configurations.

    Mobile Devices - steps will vary by device

        • In your wifi settings, connect to "ICAirnet-Secure"
        • In the User Name/Identity field, enter your Netpass username
        • In the Password field enter your Netpass password
        • ICAirnet-Secure uses 802.1x EAP
        • EAP method is PEAP
        • Phase 2 authentication is GTC
        • After changing your NetPass password, "forget" the ICAirnet-Secure network and reconnect 

    Other Operating Systems and Devices