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Ithaca College provides wireless network coverage to all academic and administrative buildings, all residence halls, and many other locations on campus. These networks provide wireless access to students, faculty, staff, sponsored affiliates, and guests.  Please refer to the Ithaca College Wireless Policy for usage details.

The Wi-Fi networks are designed to provide excellent coverage and performance for the campus community. However, performance is directly related to the number of devices using the network at any given time.

Student Wireless (My-ResNet)

  • the recommended wireless connection for students
  • is managed by Apogee, Inc, a vendor specializing in providing residential student networks for colleges and universities
  • available in all academic, administrative, and residential buildings
  • an Apogee account is required for login
  • Apogee offers a free basic account, which is ideal for off-campus students who want wireless connectivity while on campus.

Get connected using Student Wireless 

Secure Wireless

  • provides a secure, encrypted connection and is the recommended wireless connection for faculty, staff and IC Affiliates
  • is only available to active members of the IC community and requires a valid Netpass Username and Password
  • is available in all academic and administrative areas
  • supports a wide variety of operating system platforms (Windows computers require configuration the first time the connection is made)

Get connected using Secure Wireless

Guest/Visitor Wireless

  • unsecured wireless network intended for guests/visitors

  • available in academic and administrative campus areas and offers basic Web, e-mail and chat capabilities

  • information transmitted or received is not encrypted and could be intercepted and viewed by other network users

Get connected using Guest/Visitor Wireless

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